At this year’s Retail Technology Show in Olympia, London, DENSO showcases Auto-ID solutions, RFID readers, mobile computers, and QR Code based facial recognition.

Retail Technology Show 2024: DENSO presents cutting-edge technologies

Düsseldorf. The Retail Technology Show is the must visit event for retail and hospitality organizations. It takes place in Olympia, London, from the 24th to the 25th April, 2024. DENSO WAVE EUROPE, member of the Toyota Group, is one of the exhibitors.

Together with their partners Retail & Asset Solutions, Printmedia, and Trimco Group Ltd., DENSO will showcase their latest tech and digital solutions, for example, the QR Code based face recognition and the BHT-M series, which is now equipped with Android 13. Furthermore, RFID technology is one of the key technologies for the retail industry, so DENSO will also present their solutions, for instance, the SP1 RFID scanner at stand 6G80.

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QR Code celebrates its 30th anniversary

In 1994, Masahiro Hara invented the QR Code for DENSO WAVE. So, this year the QR Code celebrates its 30th anniversary. Thus, the QR Code based facial recognition will be one of the highlights at DENSO’s booth at the Retail Technology Show.

With the innovative QR Code based technology, companies can take advantage of facial recognition at access points or for verification in security-sensitive processes without having to use databases – thanks to DENSO’s Secure QR Code (SQRC®). The facial features of a person are stored on this encrypted 2D code, which are then compared at the access control or verification point via camera with the face of the person who wants access.

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M like “Marvellous”: the BHT-M series with Android 13

The BHT-M series from DENSO is the result of continuous perfectionism. Now equipped with Android 13, the BHT-M60, BHT-M70 and BHT-M80 accelerate and simplify processes. DENSO will showcase the BHT-M series at stand 6G80 at the Retail Technology Show in London. Further information on the Retail Technology Show and DENSO as an exhibitor can be found here.

The robust and powerful handheld devices ease the workload of retail workers and those in linked industries, such as logistics and warehousing. With the BHT-M series, companies can realize necessary steps to digitalize their processes. The handhelds are equipped with DENSO’s best scan engine and they can capture even the most difficult labels quickly and effortlessly. Visitors of the Retail Technology Show in London can try how powerful the mobile data collection devices are at DENSO’s booth.

Unparalleled success thanks to DENSO’s RFID devices and solutions

For decades, DENSO has been working with many clients from the retail sector and with their neighbouring industries such as logistics and warehousing. One of the largest retailers in the UK has been able to make a major improvement in inventories and increase their turnover thanks to implementing the SP1 RFID scanner from DENSO.

The high-speed UHF RFID scanner turns a smartphone or tablet easily into an RFID handheld reader and speeds up processes by more than 50 per cent. The newly developed Autopilot function scans tags faster and more completely than before. The Autopilot changes to the most appropriate mode based on the situation. The RFID scanner manages a reading distance of up to 13 metres and reaches a reading speed of up to 1,000 tags per second.

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In addition to the SP1 RFID scanner, the ultra-thin stationary UR21 will be on display at DENSO’s booth at the Retail Technology Show. The RFID scanner is ideal for smart scanning at the POS as the checkout procedure can be completed quickly by just scanning products on the counter instead of having to scan each item individually.

Related to the UR21 is the UR40 by DENSO. The all-in-one RFID reader is perfectly suited for rough conditions that are predominant in warehouse environments. The scanner reads up to 700 RFID tags per second and makes reading incoming goods a breeze.

Another RFID advantage that visitors of the Retail Technology Show can try at DENSO’s stand is the RFID Inventory Management. By combining DENSO’s efficient RFID technology with the cloud and mobile applications from their partner Chainlane, retailers are able to digitalise their inventory management.

To round up the RFID experience, DENSO will also present their RFID Navigation Tags at their stand at the Retail Technology Show. The RFID Navigation Tag is a semi-passive UHF band RFID tag that helps locate goods and assets in warehouses. The RFID Navigation Tag is equipped with an LED that lights up when the tag is scanned with an RFID reader and they offer greater accuracy than the RSSI search function.

Especially visitors from the retail sector, but also those who work in different industries such as logistics, manufacturing, and event will enjoy the Auto-ID, RFID, and QR Code solutions at DENSO’s stand. With the devices and solutions from the inventor of the QR Code, companies are well-equipped for future challenges.

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QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.

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DENSO WAVE is a global provider for high quality Auto-ID solutions helping businesses in retail, logistics and healthcare to improve their stock management, have full data transparency and accelerate processes along the supply chain.

As the inventor of the QR Code® – a technology that has revolutionized the way data is stored and accessed – DENSO strives for nothing less than perfection. DENSO WAVE hardware and software solutions are therefore tested extensively before being available at the market. This way the company ensures that users in retail, logistics and healthcare can fully focus on their tasks without having to worry about the technologies’ functioning.

DENSO WAVE solutions range from premium RFID readers and software, handheld terminals / mobile computers and barcode scanners to complex and cloud based IoT Data Management Systems.

DENSO WAVE. Driven by quality.

DENSO is a member of the Toyota Group and is exclusively represented in Europe by DENSO WAVE EUROPE.

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