Efficient plaster material recycling – new Joint Venture

Joint Venture of Lindner AG and Sokolovska Uhelna a. s.

The Joint Venture of Lindner AG and Sokolovska Uhelna a.s. was legally certified in the end of July 2014.This partnership combines the respective capacities and puts a focus on two important subjects of sustainable building: material recycling and extraction of raw materials.

What is the aim of the Joint Venture of Lindner AG and Sokolovska Uhelna a.s.?
This Joint Venture is intended to calcine the “sluggish” REA plaster into an easier-setting stucco. The stucco is then used to supply the production facilities of Lindner in the German town of Dettelbach where high-quality plaster boards are produced. At the same time for Sokolovska Uhelna a.s. this offers a sustainable way to recycle this waste product of lignite extraction.

Win-Win situation for both partners.
Sokolovska Uhlena a. s. currently deposits this waste product on former mining grounds. However this will not be permitted in the foreseeable future. Due to this, REA plaster will be transformed into stucco, which can be setted. This poses a sustainable material recycling and and solves the problem before it begins.

The result.
The result is an ecological and economical long-term solution for recycling this material and an interesting opportunity to influence the quality of the gained resource.

Lindner AG.
The Lindner Group is Europe”s leading company for “Building New Solutions” with a workforce of 5,800 employees and production sites and subsidiaries in more than 20 countries. Two production facilities focusing on production and processing of plaster fibre boards are situated in the German town of Dettelbach, which is close to Würzburg. A total of 100,000 tons of gypsum is processed each year.
Sokolovska Uhelna a.s.
The Czech company Sokolovska Uhelna a. s. has a workforce of 3,600 employees and extracts about 7 million tons of lignite per year. One half of this output is marketed in many diverse products, the other half is used to run two power plants. Each power plant produces about 100,000 tons of REA plaster as a waste product per year.

The Lindner Group is Europe’s leading company for interior fit-out, facade construction and insulation engineering with more than 45 years experience in ‘Building New Solutions’, the development and implementation of individual, high-quality project solutions

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