The leading Swiss childcare network, globegarden, is awarded the Best Workplaces™ label for Switzerland 2022 by “Great Place to Work®”, a research and consulting institute for workplace culture that operates globally. This means globegarden has been recognized as one of the best employers among all the companies certified as a “Great Place to Work”. This is all the more remarkable as the employees at the essential childcare facilities were under enormous stress during the corona pandemic.


Zurich, 11 May: One of the most important success factors of a company is the satisfaction of its employees in the workplace. Consequently, globegarden, a leading quality provider of daycare centers in Switzerland, has been investing in workplace culture for years. In industry averages, globegarden stands out by offering extremely good working conditions and social benefits, progressive training and education opportunities, a range of careers in education, and opportunities for professional development in a modern and innovative educational company that combines high quality standards with an economic way of thinking.


As the largest training company in the childcare sector and with over 150 apprentices, globegarden attaches particular importance to an employment policy that focuses on quality. For example, only one intern has been employed per daycare center on average for years, which is far below the industry average. In addition, all interns receive a guaranteed apprenticeship at globegarden after passing their probationary period.


Remarkably high employee satisfaction despite corona pandemic


After achieving certification as a “Great Place to Work” in 2021, globegarden has now been rated as “Best Workplace” in the category “Swiss companies with more than 250 employees” too, making it one of the best employers in Switzerland. This is particularly remarkable in view of the corona pandemic and the huge amount of pressure that was placed on childcare workers as a result.

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“We are very pleased to receive this award. It makes us, a family-friendly and innovative educational company, proud to be among the best when compared with large, established Swiss companies,” explained Silke Bührmann, Director of Education and Pedagogy and member of the Executive Board. “Especially in the last two years, our employees have achieved an enormous amount under very difficult circumstances. It is largely thanks to them that we, as essential businesses, were able to ensure the high quality of care at globegarden even during the corona pandemic. This would not have been possible without the excellent team spirit and huge commitment of every member of our staff.”


The Best Workplace award means that a company also receives higher than average ratings from at least 80% of all participating employees when compared to the “Great Place to Work” certification. The renowned quality seal means that, in a benchmark comparison of Swiss companies, the company has an above-average workplace culture that is characterized by trust, diversity, and team spirit.


The label is awarded once a year by “Great Place to Work®”, the globally active research and consulting institute for workplace culture. Certification is based on the analysis of a culture audit undertaken in collaboration with two expert groups, a Trust Index and an employee survey. Companies are also assessed on how different employees’ experiences are, depending on their tasks, gender, origin, salary, and other characteristics.


Learning opportunities and improved work-life balance


Despite the fact that this award has once again recognized us as a particularly good employer, globegarden does not plan to rest on its laurels. Instead, it will continue to invest in creating a progressive working environment that sets standards in childcare.

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Working mothers, for example, can choose the length of their maternity leave, and those who previously held a management position can return to it thanks to very flexible part-time models, even at management level. Employees at all levels have the opportunity to take part in free advanced training, which can also be completed during working hours. As of this year, entire teams can also take part in two days of training together; the daycare center will remain closed during this time.


This year, to further improve employees’ work-life balance, a new rule was introduced so that the facilities would close on certain “bridge days” (i.e., the days in between national holidays and weekends) so that employees can also have some personal time to spend with their friends and families during local events such as the Basel Carnival or Whitsun.


“Since globegarden was founded in 2009, a culture based on trust and mutual appreciation, and that supports personal development has been central to us at all staff levels. The parents of the children cared for at our facilities, of which we have more than fifty, also benefit from a good working environment and progressive employment conditions. Employees that are happy, motivated, and valued make a significant contribution to the quality of our childcare services,” explained Christina Mair, Co-Managing Director.


About globegarden

The sponsorship globegarden is non-profit and not-for-profit and has been promoting the compatibility of work and family for over 10 years. The sponsorship operates various locations in German-speaking Switzerland; She works with municipalities, cantons and companies to find sustainable and family-oriented solutions. The sponsorship runs over 50 facilities, employs over 800 people, trains over 150 apprentices and looks after over 2,800 families.

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