First native ATLAS.ti version for Mac OS X released

Berlin, September 18th 2014 – After years of development work, rewritten from the scratch, ATLAS.ti for Mac OS X is now available. From now on it is possible to run qualitative analysis with ATLAS.ti on every Mac OS X device, thus rendering the operation by means of virtualization software like parallels history. The developers of ATLAS.ti are responding to the ongoing trend of a rapidly growing number of Mac users working with ATLAS.ti. The new Mac OS X version corresponds with their wish for a fully native program.

The new Mac OS X version is available exclusively for ATLAS.ti 7. It has the convenient Apple usability combined with the intuitive interface known from ATLAS.ti on Windows PC’s. For Windows users the switch to the new Mac OS X version is easy to handle, since the Mac version is included in Windows licenses. Moreover, it will be free of extra charge for all ATLAS.ti users who already purchased an ATLAS.ti 7 license.

Thomas Muhr, CEO and founder of ATLAS.ti, stated: "We are proud to be able to offer our high-end qualitative data analysis software to MAC users worldwide. We are very confident that this step will help us to widen the user range of ATLAS.ti and make it relevant as an essential working tool for even more businesses, research facilities and universities."

The new Mac versions comes along with a brand new user-interface, specially designed for Mac OS, and a range of new features like:

– Full Unicode support
– Full length quotation display in quotation manager
– Circular and grid layout for the network view
– Undo / Redo

The ATLAS.ti training center is already prepared to introduce new and ‘switched’ users to the new ATLAS.ti version for Mac OS. Hence, the ATLAS.ti head of training worldwide, Ricardo Contreras, invites interested users to the upcoming trainings and webinars: "We are thrilled to introduce the program to Mac users. We are going to teach them how easy and comfortable it is to work with ATLAS.ti 7 on the MacOS."

For more information please contact:
Ricardo Contreras
Phone: 1 (541) 286 4391 (United States)

ATLAS.ti is a leading software for qualitative data analysis that helps researchers to analyze complex phenomena hidden in unstructured data. With ATLAS.ti researchers and students easily get an overview on their findings for various kinds of research projects.

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