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Country Music News International, the unique multimedia hub for fans of country music, has moved to a new online home, giving country music fans a modern, updated destination that is easier and quicker to navigate while still providing the popular news, reviews and interviews that fans are always looking for. In addition to an online magazine, Country Music News International will continue to provide its popular radio show, heard several times a week.


Country Music News International was founded by Christian Lamitschka. “In the beginning, the focus of the online magazine was on reporting about country music mainly from Germany and Europe,” said Lamitschka.  “We began to include CD reviews from various European country music artists and then Interviews with various artists from different backgrounds were added.


A little later, the focus expanded to include the country music scene in the USA and Canada.  Here, Country Music News International quickly became established as a recognized magazine.  Lamitschka interviewed artists such as George Jones, Wynonna Judd, The Oakridge Boys, Hank Williams Jr., Frank Myers, Cassadee Pope, Kree Harrison, Shania Twain, LeAnn Rimes, Eddy Raven, Jake Owen, Buddy Jewell and many other top artists.


Because of these interviews, Country Music News International began attracting readers from all over the world.  Knowledgeable and experienced journalists were recruited to write for the magazine.  Among the long-term contributors: Preshias Harris who reports from Nashville on what’s happening in ‘Music City’.


“But Country Music News International is more than just an online magazine,” notes Lamitschka.  “We also have a radio show which airs several times a week, moderated by Anja Kristin Krone.  The radio show team added Jonny Anderson Oczko and Frank Hammer. The shows are in German, English and Danish and are broadcast both online and on Roedovre Kanalen, Denmark 105.9 FM, one of the largest FM radio stations in Europe.”

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The new website gives Country Music News International a more modern, easy to navigate appearance while retaining much of the traditional look that country fans have grown to know and love.  News, articles, interviews, CD reviews, music videos and links to the radio shows are now easier to find and follow.  Fans of traditional country, country rock, country pop and Bluegrass can now effortlessly find information about their favorite artists.


Country music fans are invited to take a look at the new Country Music News International to see and hear country music from all over the world.


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